Our purpose is to help horses and humans live more harmonious lives through understanding and kindness,
rather than through fear and ignorance. We will teach with patience and consideration while searching
for ways that make sense to each individual.

We offer help with advancement in your discipline, building confidence for you and your horse,
problem solving, and creating a mutual enjoyable experience for both horse and rider.

Full Circle Ranch is located 1/2 mile off Hwy 95, just outside of Potlatch, Idaho.
With sweeping views to the wheat fields of Eastern Washington, and the trees and mountains of Idaho,
the riding possibilities are beautiful and limitless.  We utilize all the varied terrain in preparing colts
for the real world.  Trailing loading, negotiating hills, wooden bridges, and crossing water
are all part of the curriculum.  We encourage owners to spend as much time as possible absorbing
information while their horses are here.  This is vitally important for the continued success of the
horse/human partnership.  A bunkhouse is available for overnight stays.

Angie Reitmeier & Bill Basham
1068 Fiddlers Ridge Loop
Potlatch, ID 83855
(208) 874-3026

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